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The Future Of Ultra Mobile Computer Screens

February 4th, 2021

When laptops first came to market it was a massive craze. The idea of taking your computer out of the confines of an office space revolutionized more than just computers. It changed the way we work and in many ways the way we live. When you add WiFi technology, cell phones and laptop together you get a truly mobile workplace and business is no longer confined to a single location. The huge demand for mobile technology has accelerated the development in the last decade and many of the fictional dreams of 10 years ago is now becoming a reality. these new technologies is the start of a new revolution in mobile technology.

While we’ve been able to shrink every part of a computer into tiny components, there is one part that’s kept the size of laptops what they are. This is the monitor. While we want smaller computers, we all want bigger screens, right?

So, how about getting rid of the idea of a screen and coming up with something that is small to carry around but big enough to make the computing experience worth it?

Say hello to the latest creation from Sony. A pair of glasses that look like normal sunglasses, but once you put them on, its a “screen” that acts just like a normal computer screen. Although this revolutionary technology is still in its infancy, they’ve now released commercially and its a technology that is set to explode.

Wearing your computer monitor on your eyes is not an attractive idea, then how about having your screen contained in a 5 inch by 5 inch plastic box?
Possible? You bet! Say hello to holograms and holographic technology. Although this has a long way to go, the idea of projecting a “screen” in mid air is probably the most revolutionary but its something that has an amazing potential.

The application of these two technologies has virtually no end. the demand for richer and more interactive displays is driving the technology and if these 2 ideas catch on, we can see it become affordable and accessible in the next 2 to 5 years. So, keep your eye out for this. Its coming to a computer shop near you.